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Rough Sawn Hardwoods

Our inventory of Michigan hardwoods contains several kinds of oak, maple (including some choice spalted maple), walnut, beech, basswood, ash and many others!

A quick trip to Dryden, Michigan is well worth the drive for our unique selection of Michigan hardwoods in various and hard to find widths and thicknesses as well as standard sizes.

Our well seasoned air dried lumber has been properly stored, indoors, for a minimum of 10 years and we welcome you to compare the moisture content and stability to anyone's "kiln dried" lumber claims. We find that most experienced woodworkers prefer the stability,strength and hardness that only patience and slow air drying provides.

Our vast but slightly un-organaized selection of seasoned hardwoods include everything from fence boards to furniture grade lumber, so obviously the prices can't be the same. All prices are based on a board foot basis and depends on your individual selections,but we will guarantee are competitive or below market prices. Most of our customers have enjoyed our selections and the "wood mining" experience in the lumber barn and they love our pricing.

More information is available on request, but it's best that you just come and see our selection for won't be disappointed!